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We are saddened by the situation the whole world is in with this outbreak but we encourage you to stay connected and encourage one another as we go through this situation together.

Here are some helpful tips for the coronavirus that may help.

Coronavirus: 8 ways to look after your mental health

1. Seek accurate information from legitimate sources
2. Set limits around news on COVID-19
3. Look after yourself
4. Reach out to others and support people around you
5. Maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking
6. Acknowledge your feelings
7. Take time to talk with your children about the COVID-19 outbreak
8. Ask for professional support

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​​NAMI Advocacy
Help Protect People with Mental Illness during the COVID-19 Crisis
"As the Senate prepares the third in a series of COVID-19-related relief bills, please urge your Senators to ensure people affected by mental illness can maintain their treatment, get health and mental health coverage, access needed supports, and lift up the nonprofits they depend on, like NAMI." 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Managing Anxiety and Stress
ational Institutes of Health (NIH) Coronavirus (COVID-19)

​NAMI Updates on the Coronavirus